Music for Students

Music for Students



The youngharmonies Charity aims to bring music back into schools. With so many institutions having to cut back funds for music classes, many kids find themselves having gone through Elementary and High School with little opportunity to find or express their musical talents. We aim to change that.

Embrace the Passion


The drive for music is a strong one, and one that many of us share. There's plenty of talented kids out there, but not all have a means of expression.

Change a Life


We've all been touched by a song in some way. Whether it reminds us of something from our past, or encourages us when we need help, countless artists across the world have written something that has changed someone's life. We hope to assist in passing that torch on to the next generation, so that they might use their skills to continue changing lives through song.

Help Dreams Come True


Every great musician's story starts somewhere, and for many, it all begins with their first instrument. By helping to supply schools with the funds and assets they need to start or expand music programs, we all play a small part in supporting the dreams of young artists.